The Night of the Iguana

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The Night of the Iguana

by Tennessee Williams

Performance Dates

March 4-19, 2011


The cast of The Night of the Iguana
Character Actor
Maxine Faulk Cinda McCain
Pedro Treg Miles
Pancho Hugh Britt
Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon Jack E. Chambers
Hank Patrick Goedicke
Herr Fahrenkopf Doug Allen
Frau Fahrenkopf Joyce Jeffries
Wolfgang Michael Welch
Hilda Kellye Mitchell
Miss Judith Fellowes Elizabeth Hayes
Hannah Jelkes Robyn Berg
Charlotte Goodall Savanah White
Jonathan "Nonno" Coffin Jerry Henderson
Jake Latta Ryan Williams


The crew for The Night of the Iguana
Position Crew Member
Director Anne-Geri' Fann
Assistant Director Jason Deathridge
Stage Manager Daniel Vincent
Producer Adam Richardson
ACT 1 Board Liaisons Melissa Bedinger Hade
Sara Stinemetz
Costumes Sara Stinemetz
Samantha Rogers
Set Design Anne-Geri' Fann
Jason Deathridge
Chief Set Manager & Construction Daniel Sadler
Set Building & Stage Preparation Brandon Whitlock
Jason Deathridge
Jack E. Chambers
Doug Allen
Michael Welch
William Welch
Patrick Goedicke
Ryan Williams
Kellye Mitchell
Elizabeth Hayes
Jerry Henderson
Chief Light Design Victor Zeiser
Lights & Sound Melodee Freeman
Eric Ventress
Sound & Music Design Anne-Geri' Fann
Properties Jeffrey Williams
Granger Anderson
Poster & Program Design Danny Proctor
Poster Artwork Emily H. Martinez, The Big Pix Studio

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