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by Earl Hamner, Jr.

Performance Dates

Late Winter, 1993


The cast of Homecoming
Character Actor
Clay-Boy Ryan Shogren
Olivia Spencer Cinda McCain
Clay Spencer Randy Noël
Matt Spencer Tadd Himelrick
Becky Spencer Kari Cheri Himelrick
Martha Spencer Amanda Tallent
Sara Spencer Carolyn Baker
Luke Spencer Alan Campbell
Shirley Spencer Lindsey Conlin
Pattie Cake Spencer Briana Himelrick
Grandpa Wesley Fox
Grandma Donna Stephenson
Charlie Sneed Charles Howard
Emma Staples Patricia Warr
Etta Staples Judy Tamble
Birdshot Matthew King
Reverend Dooly Toddy Geringswald
Sheriff Jim Himelrick
Ike Doug Whatley
City Lady Karen Himelrick
Church Congregation / Town's People Melissa Williams
Steve Evans
Jennifer Noël
Alexander Noël
Daryle Tallent
Casey Tallent
Heather Goodman
Vickey Goodman
Layne McDonald
Robert Davenport
Sheri Porter


The crew for Homecoming
Position Crew Member
Director Marianne Clark
Assistant to the Director Steve Evans
Stage Manager Soni Strassle
Costumes Jennifer Noeël
Lights and Sound Execution D.J. Ranta
Light Design Randy Parsons
Properties Cast
Programs Patricia Warr
Judy Tamble
Publicity Randy Noël
Group Sales David Winton
House Managers Bob & Sean O'Connell

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