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Cast & Crew Memories

Deanna Glasser Dark plays set the stage for endless silliness (and naughtiness) backstage. The small cast allowed us to be extra close. However, Candy and I about killed John when he left the stage to retrieve an actor who missed his cue. For a moment, we stood frozen with our jaws dropped in amazement. Linda's endless witty comments still make me grin. Chaz was always there to lend a helping hand (i.e., to tie our corsets). [1.16.06]

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Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen

Performance Dates

March 7-23, 2003


The cast of Hedda Gabler
Character Actor
Berte Ruth Johnson
Miss Julia Tesman Linda Speir
George Tesman John Devine
Hedda Gabler Candy Potts
Thea Elvsted Deanna Glasser
Judge Brack Bobby Moore
Eilert Lovborg Charles Howard


The crew for Hedda Gabler
Position Crew Member
Director Robert O'Connell
Producer Art Elrod
Stage Manager Trish Moalla
Technical Director Jonathan Stephens
Lighting Design Kenny Van Hook
Costumes Pat Rulon
Set Design Jonathan Stephens
Sound Design Robert A. O'Connell
Photography Linda Wylie
Programs Jeff Ellis
Lighting Assistant Louella Van Hook
Stage Assistants Scott Wold
David Shearer
Properties Design Art Elrod
Properties Assistant Ruth Johnson
Assistant to the Director Stephanie Conner

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