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Cast & Crew Memories

Brian Hill Live theater is always interesting, as when a stage manager falls asleep during a show and misses a cue to bring the lights out at the end of act one. Thank God for Peg Allen, who suggested to the other actors that we all "Go up and change for dinner." Unfortunately, some actors (who don't always think on their feet) exited by walking through walls, windows, etc. [10.3.05]

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Hay Fever

by Noël Coward

Performance Dates

March 1-17, 2002


The cast of Hay Fever
Character Actor
Judith Peg Allen
Myra Krys Collins
David Brian Hill
Jackie Tiffany Poulose
Clara Layne Sasser
Sandy Jeff Schmidt
Sorel Stephanie Scott
Simon Jeff Strickland
Richard Bob Young


The crew for Hay Fever
Position Crew Member
Director Lane Wright
Producer Pat Rulon
Stage Manager Wade Jones
Costumer Mancia Davis
Set Designer Mike Tajalle

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