Melanie Lockett, Julie Lewis, Tony Williams, Donald Lyle, David Arnholter
(left to right)

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by James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt MacDermot

Performance Dates

November 6-21, 1999


The cast of Hair
Character Actor
Bula Mae Byrd Herself
Hubert Byrd Himself
Woof, Soldier, John Wilkes Booth, Palucci David Crocco
Mancia, Mom III, Police Detective, Monk III, Mrs. O'Reilly Mancia Davis
Crissy Ashley Eaton
Jesse, Choir Director, Indian IV Jesse Graham
Russell, Principal III, Aquarian, Grant, Sergeant Russell Green
Stephanie, Indian I, Aretha Franklin, Nun, Mrs. Palucci Stephanie Harris
Mark, Dad III, Principal I, Soldier II, Coolidge, Nun, Mr. O'Reilly Mark Islam
Ronny, Dad II, Scarlett O'Hara, Mr. Palucci Lewis Kemp
Jeanie, Colonel Custer Laura Kuxhause
Victoria, Mom I, Indian III, 1000-years-old Monk Victoria Lamberth
Julie, Shoeshine Boy, Nun, Mrs. Epstein Julie Lewis
Dionne, Abraham Lincoln Melanie K. Lockett
Hud, Sergeant, Native, O'Reilly Donald J. Lyle
Jonathan, Principal II, Soldier III, Messenger, Monk I, Epstein Jonathan Pass
Sheila, Monk II Cela Scott
Berger, George Washington Stan G. Stanley
Sharon, Mom II, Indian II, Clark Gable Sharon Swanson
Claude Daniel Vincent
Tony, Dad I, Soldier I, Native, Mr. Epstein Tony Williams


The crew for Hair
Position Crew Member
Director Dan McGeachy
Musical Director Michael Simmons
Choreographer Alison Peterson
Producer Robert A. O'Connell
Assosicate Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant Director Thaddeus Taylor
Technical Director D.J. Ranta
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Jennifer Rybolt
Set Designer Krys Collins
Lighting Designer Les Beaver
Costume Design & Execution Brittain Bussart
Properties Design & Acquisition Rosanne Cornbrooks
Master Electrician Jack E. Chambers
Ad & Program Design / Props Danny Proctor
Tie-dyed Costumes Thaddeus Taylor
Set & Light Crew David Arnholter
Jack E. Chambers
Rosanne Cornbrooks
Bancia Davis
Robert A. O'Connell
Jennifer Rybolt
Cela Scott
Tony Williams
Keyboards, Music Director Michael Simmons
Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica Jack E. Chambers

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