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Green Eggs and Hamlet

by Tom Stoppard (The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet) and Lee Blessing (Fortinbras)

Performance Dates

July 30-August 15, 1999


The cast of Green Eggs and Hamlet
Character Actor

27 The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet

Hamlet Jack E. Chambers
Shakespeare / Claudius / Polonius Bill Herrick
Francisco / Osric / Fortinbras / Gravedigger / Ghost / Horatio (in scene 1) John Devine
Marcellus / Barnardo / Laertes / Horatio (in scenes 2, 3, and encore) Justin Harvey
Queen Gertrude Cinda McCain
Ophelia Katie Honaker


Fortinbras John Devine
Horatio Tony Williams
Hamlet Jack E. Chambers
Osric Steven Davidson
Claudius Tom Mullins
Polonius Lee Stevens
Laertes Justin Harvey
English Ambassador Bill Herrick
Norwegian Captain Terry Thompson
Marcellus David VartBadrigain
Barnardo Tim Howell
Queen Gertrude Cinda McCain
Ophelia Katie Honaker
Polish Maiden #1 Jenn Welch
Polish Maiden #2 Krys Collins


The crew for Green Eggs and Hamlet
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant Director Joy Sieg
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Assistant Stage Managers Robin Guest
Katie Lynn Jones
Set Decoration Melissa Williams
Krys Collins
Lighting Design Les Beaver
Lighting Crew Jack E. Chambers
J.P. Stewart
Les Beaver
Light Execution J.P. Stewart
Technical Director Terry Thompson
Load-in Crew Jack E. Chambers
Bill Herrick
Krys Collins
Terry Thompson
Robert O'Connell
John Devine
David VartBadrigian
Steven Davidson
Lee Stevens
Justin Harvey
Videography Brian Taylor
Byron Kimbrough
Fight Choreography Jack E. Chambers
Costumes A. Sean O'Connell
Cinda McCain
Dressers Krys Collins
Jenn Welch
Sound Design Robert A. O'Connell
Sound Execution Mancia Davis
Publicity Jack E. Chambers
Photos Rhonda Patzia
House Manager Daryl Pike

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