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The Freedom of the City

by Brian Friel

Performance Dates

March 2-17, 2001


The cast of The Freedom of the City
Character Actor
Lily A. Sean O'Connell
Skinner Christopher Browne
Michael Douglas Goodman
Photographer Cara Moore
Priest / Balladeer Donagh Gleason
Judge Robert A. O'Connell
Constable / Dr. Winbourne Tony Correro
Dr. Dobbs Maggi Bowden
Balladeer (1st Weekend) Brendan Loughrey
Brigadeer Robert Fish
Army Press Officer / Barkeep Craig Sawyer
Professor Cuppley Beth Hayes
O'Kelly Krys Collins
Soldier / Reporter Addison Pate


The crew for The Freedom of the City
Position Crew Member
Director David Arnholter
Producers Jennifer Rybolt
Sue Stinemetz
Doug Whatley
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Assistant Stage Managers Suzanne Doyle
Dana Fyke
Lighting Deisng & Execution Doug Whatley
Set Design Kim Russell
Sound Design David Arnholter
Lynn Bowden
Michael Stanton
Choreographer Laurie Grantham Crow
Costume Design Beth Hayes
Costume Construction Becky Goodman
Beth Hayes
Props Rachel Agee
Set Construction Joe Garber
Kim Russell
Doug Whatley
Dialect Coach Brendan Loughrey

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