The Flu Season

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The Flu Season

by Will Eno

Performance Dates

January 15-30, 2016


Set in a hospital and in a theatre, The Flu Season is a love story—a reluctant one, a love story in spite of itself. Winner of the 2004 Oppenheimer Award for best New York debut by an American playwright. "In Will Eno's latest play, a love story goes bad (really bad), a play gets written in painful fits and starts, snow falls, it turns to slush. Maybe spring arrives. This is a play to remind us why sunsets make us sad, how nostalgia is like fog and why we live our lives as though we are in mourning for them. THE FLU SEASON is stingingly funny and really rather beautiful. Will Eno is an original, a maverick wordsmith whose weird, wry dramas gurgle with the grim humor and pain of life. Eno specializes in the connections of the unconnected, the apologetic murmurings of the disengaged, those who have suppressed their humanity to survive. It is vicious stuff, written in a language so deceptively innocent, so full of platitudes, that you don't realize it has cut you deep until you feel the warm seep of bloody despair." —Guardian (UK). "Eno's playwriting is of a potent strain—tough to anticipate, difficult to resist." —Village Voice.


The cast of The Flu Season
Character Actor
Prologue Erik Schiller
Epilogue Aaron Roston
Man Eric Butler
Woman Mallory Kimbrell
Doctor Douglas Goodman
Nurse Pat Rulon


The crew for The Flu Season
Position Crew Member
Director Memory Strong
Stage Manager Daniel Vincent
Producer Matt Smith
Lighting Design Dave McGinnis
Poster Design Michael Adcock
Production Photography Chris Malone
Light Board Operator Eric Ventress
Program Design Bradley Moore

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