The Fantasticks

David Arnholter, John Wilson, Keri Pisapia, J. Riley Bryant
(clockwise from top left)

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The Fantasticks

by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Performance Dates

Fall, 1997


The cast of The Fantasticks
Character Actor
El Gallo Rick Seay
Luisa Keri Pisapia
Matt J. Riley Bryant
Huckleby David Arnholter
Bellomy John Wilson
Henry D.J. Qualls
Mortimer Shawn McWhorter
The Mutes Jaclyn Lisenby
Douglas Goodman
The Pianist Judy Mahone
The Violinist Maureen Riley
The Percussionists Rick Pridgeon
John Murray


The crew for The Fantasticks
Position Crew Member
Director Jordan Keller
Producers Mandy Price
Jack E. Chambers
Assistant Director Jack E. Chambers
Stage Manager Laura Locke
Music Director Brian Best
Choreographer Elizabeth Lentz
Set Designer Kim Russell
Costume Designer Rick Harrel
Lighting Designer Kitty Norton
Technical Director Jonathan Stephens
Props Kat Graham
Assistant Stage Manager Kimmi Gunn
Combat Choreographer Jack E. Chambers
Lighting Execution Kimmi Gunn
Jay Frye
Sound Execution Claire Jarman
Publicity Jack E. Chambers

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