Brian Berheide, John Devine, Noah Johnson
(left to right)

Cast & Crew Memories

Deanna Glasser This was a perfectly wonderful experience for me from start to finish as producer and actor. All the cast and crew were dreams to work with. It always seems the more serious/dramatic the show, the more fun we have back stage and after the show. Matthew is a kind and gifted director. It was a pleasure to take this journey with him. Wil, Eric and Phil were my super heroes. Someone else can tell of my missed cue and forgotten keys. [1.16.06]

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by Peter Shaffer

Performance Dates

October 21-29, 2005


The cast of Equus
Character Actor
Martin Dysart John Devine
Hesther Soloman Deanna Glasser
Alan Strang Brian Berheide
Dora Strang Debi Shinners
Frank Strang Philip Brady
Jill Mason Cara McFall
Harry Dalton Billy Rosenberg
Horseman Noah Johnson
Nurse Martha Manning
Chorus / Horse Obadiah Ewing-Roush
Treg Miles
Wil Moss
Jill Roberts
Jill Mothershed


The crew for Equus
Position Crew Member
Director Matthew G. Davis
Producer Deanna Glasser
Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Costume Designer Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Set Designer Julia Meador
Prop Mistress Valerie Meek
Board Liaison Daryl Pike

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