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The Elephant Man

by Bernard Pomerance

Performance Dates

January 30-February 16, 1998


The cast of The Elephant Man
Character Actor
Frederick Treves Wilson Montgomery
Belgian Policeman / Carr Gomm Weldon Stice
Conductor / Ross John Wilson
Snork / Pinhead Manager Shawn McWhorter
London Policeman / Bishop Walsham How / Merrick Jack E. Chambers
Belgian Policeman Douglas Goodman
Will / Lord John / Pinhead Ann Hudson
Miss Sandwich / Duchess / Princess Alexandra / Pinhead Caroline Newcomb
Mrs. Kendal / Countess / Orderly H. Keith Page
Violist Maureen E. Riley


The crew for The Elephant Man
Position Crew Member
Director Richard H. Seay, Jr.
Producer Jordan Keller
Assistant Director Daryl Pike
Stage Manager Keri Pisapia
Assistant Stage Managers Amy Moller
Claire Jarman
Set Design Gregg Colson
Multimedia Lumenart
Gregg Colson
Kim Russell
John Paul Stewart
Costume Design Caryn White
Model Design & Execution Cecelia Dumlao
Shirley Tucker
Lighting Design Les Beaver
Properties Kat Graham
Set Crew Jay Frey
Jennifer Rybolt
Chrissy Stewart
Lynn Hearn
Andrea Beth Abernathy
Nicholas Fleming
Scenic Painting Gregg Colson
Kim Russell
Publicity Jack E. Chambers

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