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Durang, Durang

by Christopher Durang

Performance Dates

Summer, 1998


The cast of Durang, Durang
Character Actor
The Card Babe Robin Heriges

Mrs. Sorken

Mrs. Sorken Nelda Pope

For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

Amanda Cinda McCain
Lawrence Kevin Johnson
Tom Charles Howard
Ginny Tiffany Morgan


Medea Wesley Paine
The Chorus Kristine Mylls
Lee Stevens
Katie Honaker
Jason Jason Graham
The Messenger Art Elrod
The Angel Ex Machina Leonard Williamson

Desire, Desire, Desire

Blance Cinda McCain
Stanley Jason Graham
Young Census Taker Kevin Johnson
Maggie #1 Katie Honaker
Cora Tiffany Morgan
Big Daddy Mark E. Block
Maggie #2 Kristine Mylls
Stella Lori Duff

DMV Tyrant

Departing Customer Jack E. Chambers
Customer Jason Graham
DMV Lady Jan Dial


Gretchen Tiffany Morgan
Telephone Ad Man Lee Stevens
Sally Laurel Baker
Zelda Patti Nicole Wheeler
5 Year Old Jack E. Chambers

Wanda's Visit

Jim Art Elrod
Marsha Pat Rulon
Wanda Jan Dial
The Waiter Jay Frey
The Thugs Lee Stevens
Jason Graham

The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From

Frank Hardy Jack E. Chambers
Joe Hardy Kevin Johnson
Nurse Ratched Cinda McCain
Mr. Hardy Bill Herrick


The crew for Durang, Durang
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant Directors Jan Dial
Tiffany Morgan
Stage Manager Claire Jarman
Assistant Stage Managers Holly Meadows
Jay Frey
Set Decoration A. Sean O'Connell
Jonathan Stephens
Lighting Design Les Beaver
Lighting Crew Jack E. Chambers
Jay Frey
J.P. Stewart
Les Beaver
Bill Herrick
Light Execution J.P. Stewart
Load-in Crew Amy Graham
Jason Graham
Jay Frey
Mark E. Block
Jack E. Chambers
Bill Herrick
Costumes Cinda McCain
A. Sean O'Connell
Sound Design Robert A. O'Connell
Sound Execution Claire Jarman
Publicity Jack E. Chambers
Photos Rhonda Patzia
Lobby Art Katherine Pierce
House Manager Daryl Pike

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