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by Otho Eskin

Performance Dates

March 1-17, 1996


The cast of Duet
Character Actor
Eleanora Duse Wesley Paine
Man Frenk Preston
Sarah Bernhardt A. Sean O'Connell


The crew for Duet
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Assistant Director Kimmi Gunn
Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Set Design Craig Spain
Theatre Life Sculpture Rick Harrell
Jay Frey
Linda Floyd
Lighting Design Britton Trigg
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Music Design Robert A. O'Connell
Costume Design and Execution Loretta Gaschler
Mary Leigh Robinson
Publicity Rick Seay
Hair Design Kendrick Hamilton
House Manager Daryl Pike
Light Execution Mike Paisner
Sound Execution Mancia Davis
Lorie Clark
Set Execution Craig Spain
Paul Felton
Rick Harrell
Technical Support Judi A. Coyle
Rudy Aldridge
D.J. Ranta
Sign Language Interpreter Gina Richiuso
Program Design Drew Flowers
Opening Night Reception Michele Dougals
Robin Heriges
Mary Hildebrand
Susan Ludwig
Lorie Clark

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