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The Dresser

by Ronald Harwood

Performance Dates

November 2-17, 2007


The cast of The Dresser
Character Actor
Norman Michael Roark
Her Ladyship Jessica Sparks
Madge Debi Shinners
Sir Dan McGeachy
Irene Leanne Kolnick
Geoffrey Thornton Seamus Frawley
Mr. Oxenby Billy Rosenberg
King Lear Performers
Gloucester Bob Fish
Edmund Billy Rosenberg
Kent Eric Ventress
Cordelia Jessica Sparks
Mapcarrier/Gentleman Leanne Kolnick
King Lear Dan McGeachy
Fool/Albany Seamus Frawley


The crew for The Dresser
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Bedinger Hade
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Assistant Director Bob Fish
Set Design/Technical Direction Melissa Hade
Kirby Hade
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Costume & Prop Supervision Debi Shinners
Melissa Hade
Lighting Design & Execution Daryl Pike
Sound Operator John Vasile
Program & Poster Design Rachel R. Sullivan
Publicity Joceline Lemaire
Julianna Smith

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