A Doll's House

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A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Kelly Lapczynski

Performance Dates

May 31-June 15, 2013


Though her husband Torvald thinks her a foolish spendthrift for the way money "slips through" her fingers, Nora Helmer has secretly spent years squirreling away money to pay back a loan taken out to save his life. Her lender, Krogstad, has so far been lenient; but he is forced to take action when his livelihood is threatened. To save her husband from the disgrace of her secret revealed, Nora must prevent Krogstad's dismissal from the bank Torvald manages. If she fails, her marriage -- and in fact, her life -- may be in danger.


The cast of A Doll's House
Character Actor
Torvald Helmer Ben Gregory
Nora Helmer Terra Buschmann
Dr. Peter Rank Neil Bergman
Nils Krogstad Bob Roberts
Christine Linde Maggie Pitt
Anne-Marie, The Nanny Heather Alexander
Helen, The Maid Elizabeth Hayes


The crew for A Doll's House
Position Crew Member
Director Kelly Lapczynski
Producer Donald Powell
Stage Manager Suzanne Hillwig
Set Design Kelly Lapczynski
Set Construction Joseph Stinemetz
Karen Ingram
Matthew Scott Baxter
Sound Design Kelly Lapczynski
Lighting Designer David McGinnis
Lighting Operator Leah Fincher
Choreographer Kate Adams

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