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Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe

Performance Dates

October 25-November 10, 2002


The cast of Doctor Faustus
Character Actor
Doctor Faustus Bob Fish
Mephistopheles Michael Roark
Chorus, Wise One Layne Sasser
Wagner Chris Warren
Lucifer, Pope, Frederick Michael Oliver
Valdes, Darius Tony Correro
Duke, Benvolio Brian Jones
Duchess, Scholar 1 Candy Potts
Charles V, Dick Billy Rosenberg
Helen, Servant Linda Speir
Vintner, Hostess Linda Ventress
Robin, Scholar 2 Doug Whatley
Martino, Cornelius, Carter Linda Wylie
Beelzebub, Alexander Anna Kenzie
Alexander's Paramour Olivia Peterson
Bad Angel Melanie Abrams
Good Angel Corbin Williams
Cherub Caroline Williams
Troupe Tony Correro
Anna Kenzie
Olivia Peterson
Linda Speir


The crew for Doctor Faustus
Position Crew Member
Director Joy Warren
Producers Jill Mothershed
Chris Warren
Stage Manager Bill Herrick
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Set Designer incomplete data
Costume Designer incomplete data
Lighting Designer incomplete data
Properties incomplete data

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