The Dining Room

Laurel Baker, Thom Zelenka, Pat Street
(left to right)

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The Dining Room

by A. R. Gurney

Performance Dates

January 12-20, 2007


The cast of The Dining Room
Character Actor
Actor #1 John Devine
Actor #2 Thom Zelenka
Actor #3 Douglas Goodman
Actress #1 Anastasia Zavaro
Actress #2 Pat Street
Actress #3 Laurel Baker


The crew for The Dining Room
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Williams
Producer Kellye Mitchell
Stage Manager Ryan Vogel
Set Design Pete Hiett
Lighting Design David McGinnis
Costumes / Assistant Stage Manager Natalie Stone
Props Jill Mothershed
Sound Design Rick Gore
Art Design Trish Moalla

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