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Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller

Performance Dates

November 6-22, 1992


The cast of Death of a Salesman
Character Actor
Willy Loman Edwin Mullen
Linda Marianne Clark
Biff Charles Howard
Happy Travis Harmon
Bernard Shane Boosey
The Woman Melissa Williams
Charley Robert O'Connell
Uncle Ben David Winton
Howard Wagner Tony McAlister
Jenny Judy Jackson
Stanley Jim Busby
Miss Forsythe Meri Porter-Howard
Letta Donna Hancock-Stephenson


The crew for Death of a Salesman
Position Crew Member
Director Randy Noel
Producer Wesley Paine
Associate Producer Robert O'Connell
Stage Manager & Assistant to the Director Robin Heriges
Seamstress & Assistant Stage Manager Soni Strassle
Costumes Jenny Wallace
Properties Becky Moore
Wesley Paine
Jenny Wallace
Set Design Randy Parsons
Set Construction Randy Parsons
DJ Ranta
Randy Noel
Melissa Williams
Wesley Paine
Charles Howard
Tony McAlister
Lighting Design DJ Ranta
Lighting Execution Mike Paisner
Sound Execution Sheri Porter
Fight Chroeography Tony McAlister
Program Design Craig Underhill
Program and Ticket Printing Flash Printing of Hendersonville
Hair Stylist Mary "Mom" Porter
Voice Recordings Matthew McAlister
Tony McAlister
Jenny Wallace
Robin Heriges
Marianne Clark
DJ Ranta

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