Don't Drink The Water

Tony Correro, Angela Gimlin, Rachel Mueller
(left to right)

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Don't Drink The Water

by Woody Allen

Performance Dates

January 11-26, 2008


The cast of Don't Drink The Water
Character Actor
Father Drobney J Spurlock
Ambassador Magee Macon Kimbrough
Kilroy Jill Braddock-Watson
Burns Rachel Mueller
Axel Magee John Michnya
Walter Hollander Tony Correro
Marion Hollander Rachel Sotreburg
Susan Hollander Angela Gimlin
Krojack Clay Hillwig
Chef Gari Lynne
Sultan of Bashir/Kasnar David McGinnis
Sultan's First Wife/Countess Kellye Mitchell
Guard/Et Al Michael Tajalle


The crew for Don't Drink The Water
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Williams
Producer Hank Hildebrand
Assistant Producer Sue Stinemetz
Stage Manager Suzanne Hillwig
Assistant Stage Manager Clay Hillwig
Coralie Le Coguic
Props Pat Bridges
Set Design Pete Hiett
Set Dressing Nick & Betty Fielder
Master Electrician Doug Whatley
Steven Steele
Light Design Cathy Matthews
Light Board Operators Cathy Matthews
Elsie Clark
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Sound Board Operator Suzanne Hillwig
Costumes Jeanne Ackerley
Fight Choreographer Brad Oxnam
Michael W. Sullivan
Poster and Program Design Rachel R. Sullivan
Publicity Julianna Smith
Reservations/House Manager Brian Hill

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