Cyrano de Bergerac

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Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand

Performance Dates

October 29-November 13, 2010


Cyrano de Bergerac is a timeless tale of love and longing, of swords and swash, of passion, poetry. and panache. Delightfully funny, and at times heart-wrenchingly real, the play follows the adventures of this true free being, Cyrano, who possesses great skill, enormous wit—and an enormous nose. Hindered from confessing his love for his cousin, Roxane, he still finds a way to woo her: by composing the love letters given to her by the handsome yet tongue-tied Christian. With Christian's looks and Cyrano's soul, together they create a "hero for the storybooks" - until the tangled web begins to unravel.


The cast of Cyrano de Bergerac
Character Actor
Cyrano de Bergerac Ryan Williams
Christian Matthew Scott Baxter
Roxanne Kellye Mitchell
Le Bret Jack E. Chambers
De Guiche Alan Lee
Ragueneau Bob Roberts
Captain Castel-Jaloux Gil Delvalle
Valvert / Cook / Cadet #1 Eric Ventress
Lignere / Poet #3 / Cadet #11 Patrick Goedicke
Cuigy / Cadet #7 Rodrick Topp
Brissaille / Cadet #8 / Spanish Officer L.T.
Duenna / Sister Joan Dianna Holland
Foodseller / Apprentice / Mother Marguerite Dresden Leebron
D'Artagnan / Cadet #12 David Bayer
Mountfleury / Cook / Cadet #4 Doug Allen
Jodelet / Poet #1 / Cadet #5 Jonathan Hayes
Bellerose / Poet #2 / Cadet #6 Gregory Wallace
Citizen (Bertrandou) / Cadet #10 Pete Hiett
Lady / Lisa / Sister Claire Megan Henley
Flower Girl / Cook / Sister Martha Brooklyn Hinson
Cavalryman / Cadet #9 Treg Miles
Page / Flute Player / Cadet #2 Samantha Rogers
Page / Patron / Flute Player Elizabeth Turner
Citizen's Son / Cadet #3 Jonathan Burgess
Pickpocket / Poet #4 / Capuchin Dennis Moser


The crew for Cyrano de Bergerac
Position Crew Member
Director Elizabeth Hayes
Producer Donald Powell
Stage Manager Melodee Freeman
Costumers Andrew Drumheller
Karen Ingram
Lighting Designer Steven Steele
Set Design Daniel Sadler
Brian Wright
Millner (Mad Hatter) Lynda Cameron-Bayer
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Prop Master Pete Hiett
Fight Coordinator Brad Oxnam
Wig Designer Chris Espander
Light Board Operator Brad Parrish
Sound Board Operator Terra Buschmann
Co-Producer, Program Design L.T.
Poster Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works

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