The Constant Wife

Kay Ayers-Sowell as Constance Middleton

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The Constant Wife

by W. Somerset Maugham

Performance Dates

April 27-May 5, 2007


The cast of The Constant Wife
Character Actor
Constance Middleton Kay Ayers-Sowell
Mortimer Durham Chris Basso
Marie Louise Durham Mary Jane Bowles
Mrs. Culver Martha Manning
Martha Culver Kellye Mitchell
Barbara Julianna Smith
John Middleton Mark J. Thomas
Bentley Eric Ventress
Bernard Cursal Bob Young


The crew for The Constant Wife
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Bedinger Hade
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Technical Director Kirby Hade III
Light Designer David McGinnis
Print Designer Rachel R. Sullivan
Costumes Melissa Hade & Cast
Publicity Jervon Dailey
"The Essence of you" original song Mark J. Thomas

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