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by George Furth and Stephen Sondheim

Performance Dates

April 26-May 11, 2002


The cast of Company
Character Actor
Robert Scott Douglas
Sarah Christi Goins
Harry Gordon Adams
Susan Joanna Carter
Peter Jasno Facio
Jenny Gabrielle Kimmel
David Stan Schklar
Amy Katy Seale
Paul Alan Stevenson
Joanne Kim Leslie
Larry Tom Good
Marta Yvonne Smith
Kathy Friesia Schuil
April Allison Beck


The crew for Company
Position Crew Member
Director Jeffrey Ellis
Producer Ramona Richards
Board Liaison A. Sean O'Connell
Costume Design Krista Lovell
Lighting Design Mancia Davis
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Properties Design Sunny Spain
Assistant Lighting Designers Krys Collins
John Northrup
Stage Manager John Northrup
Assistant Stage Managers Alex Castleberry
Melinda Kolesins
Choreography Nancy Whitehead
Music Director Michael Simmons

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