Children of a Lesser God

Cela Scott, Matthew Hull
(left to right)

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Children of a Lesser God

by Mark Medoff

Performance Dates

May 5-21, 2000


The cast of Children of a Lesser God
Character Actor
Sarah Cela Scott
James Matthew Hull
Orin Jack E. Chambers
Franklin Bill Herrick
Mrs. Norman Judy Jackson
Lydia Erin Frazier
Edna Klein Jane Sledge Stoub


The crew for Children of a Lesser God
Position Crew Member
Director Joy Sieg
Producer Heather Hauer
Language Director Deana Glasser
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Beth Morrow
Set Design Joy Sieg
Properties Design Rachel Agee
Lighting Design Jeff Lavallee
Sound Design Chris Warren
Assistant to Director & Producer Robin Guest
Photography Rhonda Patzia
Program & Ad Design Danny Proctor
Crew Justin Croniser
Rachel Agee
Kathleen Latham
Interpreter for Hearing Impaired Andrea Baker-Curry
Original Music Candace Asher

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