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The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Performance Dates

March 5-20, 2004


The cast of The Cherry Orchard
Character Actor
Leonid Brian Cunningham
Varya Sarah Dark
Firs Hank Gibson
Dunyasha Holly Hamilton
Vagrant / Stationmaster Grant Houston
Lyubov Esther Huston
Anya Olivia Lovell
Yasha Jon Mayes
Lopakhin Marc Mazzone
Pishchik Doug Moore
Yepikhodov Bob Roberts
Carlotta Pat Rulon
Petya Erik Wagner


The crew for The Cherry Orchard
Position Crew Member
Director John Devine
Producers Suzanne Gleason
Jason Lewis
Stage Manager Jason Lewis
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Stage Crew Ian Cabell
Rob Small
Board Liaison Jill Mothershed
Lighting Design Erik Wagner
Light Operator Robin Guest
Sound Operator Robin Jones
Costumers Jason Lewis
Ian Cabell
Pat Rulon
Photography Daryl Pike
Jill Mothershed
Program / Promotional Design Danny Proctor

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