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Cast & Crew Memories

Danny Proctor A great show! Elizabeth did such a remarkable job and Vali and Brock were brilliant. Chaz and Linda are always fun and top notch! The most fun for me was not playing Doc Baugh; it was getting to do the off-stage voices of the house servants: "I can't, Mr. Pollitt. You got the keys!" [10.25.05]

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

by Tennessee Williams

Performance Dates

September 11-26, 1998


The cast of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Character Actor
Margaret Vali Forrister
Brick Brock Hart
Mac Anne Street
Buster Corbin Hedley Williams
Big Mama Linda Speir
Gooper Chaz Howard
Dixie Cameron Foltz
Big Daddy Rob Wilds
Reverend Tooker Bob Young
Doctor Baugh Danny Proctor


The crew for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Position Crew Member
Director Elizabeth A. Bell
Producer Susan Houston
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Director Caroline Newcomb
Assistant Stage Manager Sheila Kenjockety
Sound Khalimah Rashed
Lights Shawn McWhorter
Costumes Stephanie Stewart

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