Broadway Bound

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Broadway Bound

by Neil Simon

Performance Dates

January 11-26, 2013


Don't miss the conclusion to Neil Simon's Eugene Jerome Trilogy (which starts with Brighton Beach Memoirs and is followed by Biloxi Blues). Experience the days when radio was giving way to television as America's primary entertainment source, as Eugene and his brother Stanley get the opportunity to write a sketch for CBS radio. And if they can make it in radio, who knows where their careers will lead? Meanwhile, things are not so happy for the boys' parents, whose marriage is on shaky ground. Add in a nouveau riche aunt and an irascible Socialist grandfather, and life in the Jerome house will never be the same.


The cast of Broadway Bound
Character Actor
Eugene Will Butler
Stan Jordan Ravellette
Kate Pat Rulon
Blanche Gina Brown
Jack Patrick Goedicke
Ben Bob Fish
Announcer Daniel Bissell
Chubby Waters Patrick Kramer
Mrs. Pritkin Layne Sasser


The crew for Broadway Bound
Position Crew Member
Director Lane Wright
Producer Anne-Geri' Fann
Stage Manager Daniel Vincent
Properties Manager Deana Billingsley
Choreographer Kate Adams
Costumer Tiffany Elaine Wilson
Lights & Sound Leah Fincher
Set Design & Construction David Fann
Kirby Hade
Sound Design/Vocal Promotions Kelly Lapczynski
Poster & Program Cover Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works
Program Design Ventress Design Works
Board Liason Matthew Scott Baxter

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