Born Yesterday

Tricia Cast, Chaz Howard
(left to right)

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Born Yesterday

by Garson Kanin

Performance Dates

March 7-15, 2008


The cast of Born Yesterday
Character Actor
Helen/Manicurist Jes Mercer
Paul Verrall Eric Ventress
Eddie Brock Art Elrod
Bellhop/Waiter Derek R. Stogner
Assistant Manager/Barber Matt Ralph
Harry Brock Chaz Howard
Billie Dawn Tricia Cast
Ed Devery Phil Brady
Senator Norval Hedges Kirk Brown
Mrs. Hedges Judy Jackson


The crew for Born Yesterday
Position Crew Member
Director Lane Wright
Producers Deanna Glasser
Stephanie Connole
Stage Manager Melodee Freeman
Assistant Stage Manager Pete Hiett
Set Design Pete Hiett
Properties and Set Dressing Melanie Mulder
Costumes Margaret Williams Brown
Pat Rulon
Sound Designer Phil Brady
Production Assistants Kat Hanrahan
Daren Connole
Emily Lowery
Light Designer David McGinnis
Sound Operator Daniel Connole
Crew/Prop Missy Paige Glasser
Sophie Connole
Program & Poster Design Rachel R. Sullivan
Fight Choreography Brad Oxnam
Oriia Nenharma

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