Blithe Spirit

Gregg Colson, Kay Ayers, Maryanna Clarke, Caroline Newcomb
(left to right)

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Blithe Spirit

by Noël Coward

Performance Dates

September 22-October 8, 1995


The cast of Blithe Spirit
Character Actor
Edith Elizabeth Bell
Ruth Caroline Newcomb
Charles Gregg Colson
Mrs. Bradman C.A. Carson
Dr. Bradman Val Perkins
Madame Arcati Maryanna Clarke
Elvira Kay Ayers


The crew for Blithe Spirit
Position Crew Member
Director Richard H. Seay, Jr.
Producer Mancia Davis
Stage Manager Shirley Tucker
Assistant Stage Manager Becky Cahen
Set Design Kim Russell
Lighting Design Cathy Matthews
Properties Design Wendy Overlock
Costume Design Caryn White
Hair Design Kendrick Hamilton
Technical Director Kim Russell
Props Assistant Victoria Conatser
Light Execution Douglas Goodman
Sound Execution Mike Hickey
Program Design Andrew Flowers

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