Biloxi Blues

Allen Cox as Eugene M. Jerome

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Biloxi Blues

by Neil Simon

Performance Dates

Apr. 27-May 12, 2001


The cast of Biloxi Blues
Character Actor
Eugene M. Jerome Allen Cox
Arnold B. Epstein Kurt Schlachter
Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey Marshall Stern
Joseph T. Wykowski Ross Brooks
Roy W. Selridge Michael Tajalle
Donald J. Carney Chris Warren
James J. Hennesey Brent Meredith
Rowena Leigh Roberts
Daisy Hannigan Elizabeth Lovell


The crew for Biloxi Blues
Position Crew Member
Director Jordan S. Keller
Producer Nicole Keller
Stage Manager Robin Guest
Assistant Stage Managers Kenneth Garner
Krista Lovell
Lighting Design Rich Davis
Costume Design Krista Lovell
Sound Execution Emily Appuzzo
Bill Herrick
Brandon D. Valentine
Props Jill Mothershed
Technical Directors Michael Tajalle
Ross Brooks
Program Design Danny Proctor
Photography Gregg Colson
House Manager Daryl Pike

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