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Betty's Summer Vacation

by Christopher Durang

Performance Dates

July 13-28, 2001


The cast of Betty's Summer Vacation
Character Actor
Betty Jennifer Wilke
Trudy Lisa Marie Smith
Keith Jonathan Root
Mrs. Siezmagraff Cinda McCain
Buck Bobby Moore
Mr. Vanislaw Ken Jackson
Voice 1 Lee Stevens
Voice 2 Rheann White
Voice 3 Jim Wright


The crew for Betty's Summer Vacation
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Stage Manager Maryanna Clarke
Assistant Director Tony Williams
Assistant Stage Managers Art Elrod
Bill Herrick
La Keisha Johnson
Lighting Design & Execution Delorse McCreery
David McGinnis
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Robert A. O'Connell
Sound Execution Bryan Nimmo
Costume Design Julie Lewis
Set Design / Technical Director Jonathan Stephens
Set Construction Jonathan & Lisa Stephens
Jay Frey
Bryan Nimmo
Terry Lee Derrick
Janie Garrett
Jim Wright
Chuck Stephens
Poster/Postcard Design, Lobby Art Chuck Stephens
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Publicity Rosanne Cornbrooks
Photos Gregg Colson

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