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As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

February 11-27, 1994


The cast of As You Like It
Character Actor
Duke Senior Tommy Kohl
Duke Frederick Weldon Stice
Amiens Ric E. Legg
Jaques Rick Seay
LeBeau Brooke Garrison
Charles Bill Hodge
Oliver Paul Felton
Jaques de Boys Ryan Shogren
Orlando Gregg Colson
Adam Robert O'Connell
Dennis Daniel Payne
Touchstone Shelton Clark
Sir Oliver Martext Ryan Shogren
Corin Bill Hodge
Silvius Graham Grubb
William Ryan Shogren
Hymen Daniel Payne
Rosalind Jennifer Noël
Celia Linda Wylie
Phebe Krystel Lynam
Audrey Jennie Smith


The crew for As You Like It
Position Crew Member
Director Hank Hildebrand
Producer Randy Noël
Associate Producer Alexander C. Noël
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Set Designer Kim Russell
Lighting Designer Randy Parsons
Sound Designer Lynn Bowden
Properties Betty Bunch
Lights/Sound Execution Jaie Bosse
Set Construction D.J. Ranta
Mike Thornton
Gregg Colson
Kim Russell
Costume Designer Sylvia Boyd
Publicity Photos Rebecca Walk
Cast Photos Martin O'Connor

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