Arms and the Man

Jacob Truax, Rachel Sorteberg, Andrea Brooks
(left to right)

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Arms and the Man

by George Bernard Shaw

Performance Dates

March 2-17, 2007


The cast of Arms and the Man
Character Actor
Raina Petkoff Andrea Brooks
Catherine Petkoff Rachel Sorteberg
Louka Miriam Grey-Truax
Captain Bluntschli Jack E. Chambers
Russian Officer Eric Ventress
Nicola Bob Young
Major Petkoff Weldon Stice
Major Sergius Saranoff Jacob Truax


The crew for Arms and the Man
Position Crew Member
Director Henry E. Hildebrand
Producers Maggi Bowden
Sue Stinemetz
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Scene Design Pete Hiett
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Properties & Set Dressing Betty & Nick Fielder
Costume Coordination Kathy Gore
Lighting Design Doug Whatley
Lighting Board Operator Elsie Clark

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