Anna in the Tropics

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Anna in the Tropics

by Nilo Cruz

Performance Dates

May 16-31, 2014


A traditional cigar factory in 1920s Florida is shaken to its very foundation when a new lector is hired to read aloud while workers hand-roll tobacco. His choice to begin with Tolstoy's classic, "Anna Karenina," affects all who listen; some think the story is romantic and ethereal, while others find plot lines hit too close to home. With the release of a new line of cigars, the factory, as well as the lives of those who call it home, will never be the same.


The cast of Anna in the Tropics
Character Actor
Elaides/Palomo Justin Hand
Santiago Jimi Brooks
Ofelia Tammy Sutherland
Juan Julian Daniel DeVault
Conchita Betty Williams
Marela Hallie Dyer
Cheche Marcus Lackey


The crew for Anna in the Tropics
Position Crew Member
Director Paige Hall
Stage Manager Pat Blankenship
Sound Design Phil Hartsuiker
Light/Set Design Leah Fincher
Costume Design Sandi Schey
Light & Sound Board Operator Erin Gurley
Props Paige Hall
Pat Blankenship
Poster & Program Cover Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works

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