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The Andersonville Trial

by Saul Levitt

Performance Dates

Fall, 1991


The cast of The Andersonville Trial
Character Actor
General Lew Wallace Edwin Mullen
Lieutenant K. Davis Jackson
Court Clerk Bob Young
Lt. Col. N.P. Chipman Randy Noël
Otis H. Baker Dave Winton
Captain Williams Marcus Hutcheson
Henry Wirz Ken Jackson
Lt. Col. Chandler Charles Howard
Louis Schade Wayne Penn
Dr. John C. Bates Brian Russell
Ambrose Spencer Jim Baird
Dr. C.M. Ford Paul Felton
James H. Davidson Charles Howard
Major D. Hosmer Cabot Pyle
Jasper Culver David Carter
James S. Gray Tony McAlister
Union Soldiers Shelton Clark
Fred Toler
Court Artist Jenny Wallace
Newspapermen Jim Denton
Joel Tinnon
General Mott Jerry Craighead
General Thomas John A. Brown
General Geary Ed Flynn
General Fessenden Charles Gillespie
Colonel Stibbs Don Terry


The crew for The Andersonville Trial
Position Crew Member
Director Robert O'Connell
Producers Melissa Williams
Cabot Pyle
Assistant Director Arita Trahan
Assistant to the Director Marianne Clark
Stage Manager Jaie Bosse
Technical Director Beverly Bain
Properties Stephen Henry
Set Design Beverly Bain
Kirk Brown
Scenic Execution Beverly Bain
Kirk Brown
Jim Denton
Raymond Ingram
K. Davis Jackson
Ken Jackson
Barry Lindsey
Randy Noël
Richard Patier
D.J. Ranta
Michael Thorton
Melissa Williams
Cartographer Kim Russell
Lighting Design Robert O'Connell
Lighting Execution Michael Simpkins
Music Design Robert O'Connell
Sound Execution Brian McElhiney
Costumes Anthony Dickens
Bob & Sean O'Connell
Publicity Cabot Pyle
Poster and Program Design Rita Frizzell
Photographer Rebecca Walk
Historical Consultant Tom Mullins
Flag Seamstress Sonni Strassle
House Manager Linda Craighead

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