American Buffalo

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American Buffalo

by David Mamet

Performance Dates

September 30-October 15, 2011


Three men clash violently over business, friendship, honor and ego in David Mamet's award-winning drama. The owner of a junk shop in 1970s Chicago wrestles with morality and his own pride as he plots and schemes to recoup his losses by stealing back a rare coin he unwittingly sold to a local collector. Mamet paints a raw and compelling portrait of working-class hoods who believe they have a right to take whatever they want- and who are slowly drowning in their own shortcomings and personal failures.


The cast of American Buffalo
Character Actor
Don David Chattam
Teach Phil Brady
Bobby Zack McCann


The crew for American Buffalo
Position Crew Member
Director Ryan Williams
Producers Donald Powell
L.T. Kirk
Stage Manager Elizabeth Hayes
Lighting Designer Zan McKinney
Set Construction Daniel Sadler
Set Construction Assistant Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Props/Special Effects June Sisemore
Special Effects Assistant Karen Ingram
Production Assistant Julianna Smith

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