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All The Way Home

by Tad Mosel

Performance Dates

May 7-23, 1993


The cast of All The Way Home
Character Actor
Rufus (age 45) Jim Busby
Rufus (age 6) Erik Smith
Jason Jason Moore
Matt Matthew McAlister
Tadd Tadd Himelrick
Jay Follet Robert Gentile
Mary Follet Laura McClendon
Ralph Follet Dennis Ewing
Sally Follet Janet Claire
John Henry Follet Jim Denton
Jessie Follet Milena Williams
Jim-Wilson Philip Somers
Aunt Sadie Follet Darci Cotten
Great-Great-Granmaw Rutha "Sissie" Jordan
Catherine Lynch Marianne Clark
Aunt Hannah Lynch Sean O'Connell
Andrew Lynch Tinnin Bouldin
Father Jackson Jim Busby


The crew for All The Way Home
Position Crew Member
Director Robert O'Connell
Assistant Director Ronda Miller
Stage Manager Susan Ludwig
House Manager Robert O'Connell
Producers Sean O'Connell
Robin Heriges
Set Design Robert O'Connell
Set Execution Tinnen Bouldin
Jim Denton
Paul Gatrell
Robert Gentile
Robert Heriges
Robin Heriges
Jim Himelrick
Greg Kircher
Laura McClendon
Bobby Meeks
Charlie Mickle
Robert O'Connell
Sean O'Connell
D.J. Ranta
Lighting Design and Execution D.J. Ranta
Sound/Slide Execution Mike Paisher
Costume Design Loretta Gashler
Costume Execution Loretta Gaschler
Jane Clark
Mary Porter
Soni Strassle
Hat Design and Execution Bobbi Albert
Poster / T-Shert / Program Art Scott A. Emrick
Portrait Scott A. Emrick
Photography Lisa Held
Publicity Randy Noël
Hair Stylist Sherri Turner
Special Promotions and Marketing David Winton
Sara Simon
Properties Sean O'Connell
Jim Denton
Robin Heriges
Erik Smith
Set Dressing Sean O'Connell
Dresser Kerry Smith

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