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A... My Name is Alice

by Joan Micklin Silver & Julianne Boyd

Performance Dates

June 20-July 5, 2003


The cast of A... My Name is Alice
Character Actor
The Women: Adele Akin
  Kay Ayers-Sowell
  Jervon Dailey
  Colleen Egan
  Jennifer Whitman


The crew for A... My Name is Alice
Position Crew Member
Director / Musical Director / Keyboards Brian T. Hill
Producer Jennifer Rybolt
Assistant Producer Sue Stinemetz
Choreographer Gregg Colson
Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Assistant Stage Manager Sara Stinemetz
Props Mistress Betty Bunch
Bass Guitar Colin Hill
Sound Design & Operation Lynn Bowden
Bass Guitar Colin Hill
Set Construction Joe Stinemetz
Nick Fielder
Set Painters Betty Bunch
Johanna Hill
Melissa Williams
Costumes Maggi Bowden
Lighting Design Delores McCreary
Program Design Bill Potts

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