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Albee and Williams; an Evening of One-Acts

by Tennessee Williams (Wagons) and Edward Albee (Zoo Story)

Performance Dates

Spring, 1991


The cast of Albee and Williams; an Evening of One-Acts
Character Actor

27 Wagons Full of Cotton

Jake Meighan Greg Welsch
Flora Meighan Cinda McCain
Silva Vicarro Scott Moreno

The Zoo Story

Peter Greg Welsch
Jerry Scott Moreno


The crew for Albee and Williams; an Evening of One-Acts
Position Crew Member
Director Robert O'Connell
Producers Sean O'Connell
Kirk Brown
Assistant Director Michele Thompson
Stage Manager M.J. Jacobs
Set Design Kirk Brown
Set Crew Beverly Bain
Kirk Brown
Adam Burnett
David Carter
Barry Lindsay
Jessejames Locorriere
Scott Moreno
Peter O'Connell
Robert O'Connell
Phil Perry
Sheri Porter
D.J. Ranta
Michele Thompson
Mike Thorton
Melissa Williams
Lighting Design D.J. Ranta
Lighting Execution Jaie Bosse
Sound Design Robert O'Connell
Sound Execution Barry Lindsay
Costumes Cinda McCain
Sean O'Connell
Props Sean O'Connell
Dresser Sheri Porter
Publicity Cabot Pyle
Poster, Program and Postcard Design Rita Frizzell
Poster Illustration Coley Karr
House Managers Sandy Rutter
Michele Thompson

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