Absurd Person Singular

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Absurd Person Singular

by Alan Ayckbourne

Performance Dates

November 15-23, 2013


Sidney is a socially inept contractor who will do anything, however embarrassing, to advance himself socially and professionally, and his wife Jane takes being the perfect homemaker to the extreme. Geoffrey is an architect whose confidence masks his questionable professional abilities, and his wife Eva is unable to cope with his coldness and womanizing. Ronald is a banker whose dry wit cannot conceal his failing fortunes, and his wife Marion is a giddy mix of privilege and eccentricity. When these three couples get together on three successive Christmas Eves, hilarity is just around the corner.


The cast of Absurd Person Singular
Character Actor
Jane Stephanie LaMura
Sidney Douglas Goodman
Eva Caroline Davis
Geoffrey Chaz Howard
Marion Elizabeth Hayes
Ronald Aaron Roston


The crew for Absurd Person Singular
Position Crew Member
Director Lane Wright
Producer Pat Rulon
Lighting Designer David McGinnis

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